Sparkling ceiling heights with glittering chandeliers

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Chandeliers are ubiquitous in contemporary design. Many of us do not realize just how prevalent they are due to the changes they have undergone since their original debut. Chandeliers have been used as a practical lighting solution since medieval times, merely on a wooden cross containing nails that allowed candles to be secured to the edges. The fixture would then be raised to a reasonable height by a chain, which was secured to a hook on the wall. Chandeliers gradually over the years have grappled to be a popularity item as a symbol of status and wealth.
Gone are the days when you are stuck with boring, outdated or gigantic designs. Modern Chandeliers these days now come in all sorts of sizes, shapes, and even colors offering an incredible array of smaller designs that are both elegant and practical. ! You should have no problem finding one that suits your taste, budget, and most of all space. Ranging from crystal design, exquisite glass to ultramodern sleek steel designs, Chandeliers can create interest and exquisiteness in your home as they are absolutely designed for snowballing both functional and aesthetic appeal. Many of them are ornate, rustic and vintage looking, making the all-inclusive space looking so eternal. Meanwhile, hung from the ceiling the luminosities can illuminate massive spaces such as foyer, dining or living hall.
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Pendant Chandeliers designs have also become wildly trendy with fancy fixtures, as they save space and provide adequate lighting for most environments. Pendant chandeliers are just as beautiful and can still add the special touch that only chandeliers can offer; but they are more compact, less intrusive, and you can place many of them in different areas of your house. The advent of these smaller fixtures allows interior designers to use chandeliers to complement and supplement a home’s decor rather than dominate it.

The historic trend towards larger and more overelaborate chandeliers has somewhat overturned in modern times, to consent for a more practical addition to the contemporary home. There are many factors that one should consider when choosing chandeliers, but the increased number of options certainly makes it easier to integrate this classic fitting into your modern home. It is also very imperative to ration your space. You need to know how large of a chandelier your room can handle, and you also need to know how low it can hang in the space without being too low. If you have a large vaulted ceiling, you have a lot of leeway, because you can adjust the chandelier until its perfect. If you have a standard ceiling height, you need a compact chandelier that will be flush to the ceiling. If your chandelier is going over a dining table, then it can hang a little lower and it will be passable.
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Chandeliers create a ‘wow’ factor in home decor. These magnificent luminaires appear as glittering floating objects, often in the center of a space catching the attention of people exuding warmth with substance. Lighting is now a fashion product with most homeowners and one must be cautious in fitting the finest collections to augment value to the property and embellish interior spaces. Should you need auxiliary guidance on how to hand-pick an apt chandelier or pendant light to generate a contemporary look for your home, dial 97143383448 or email us at / . You can visit our Decorative lighting showroom at Interchange 3, Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Quoz, Dubai.

Showcasing our recent project where we supplied and installed Chandeliers in a private Villa located at Maydan District , Mohammed Bin Rashid City.

Alvina Clara , PR Executive , LED WORLD LLC.